So… what is this?
Our Thing is a comedy romance, slice of life comic, about a bunch of dorks who just happen to have connections to the mafia. The story is fun & funny, with a largely LGBT cast of characters. Our Thing most closely aligns itself with a PG13 rating, and will include references to adult themes and language.
When do you update?
Mondays, update schedule is on Pacific Standard timezone.
About the Authors
Our Thing is brought to you by a pair of long time best friends. We’ve been working with these characters for quite a few years – since Freshman year of high school! We hope you will love them as much as we have grown to.

Sara Sappington is a self-taught artist hoping to make a name for themselves. Their art can be found on Tumblr.

Cris Hylton is a professional graphic designer who has a long-term obsession with webcomics. You can follow them on Twitter or check out their art on Tumblr.